Tower of Nikoll Koçeku

It is the tower where are reconciled more than 300 conflicts, from all of the area of Shale. This tower was build four centuries ago and was used to reconcile the two conflicting parties. When a person committed murder, he had the right to get one old men to evaluate the case. The old men played the role of the advocate for the party that elected him. The accused men was allowed to stay closed in the tower for 15 days, where within these days he had enough time to find the advocate and to explain the main circumstances of the murder . This tower was not same as the tower of Mirdite where the murder authors stayed closet for the whole life but this was a tower where the meeting to reconcile the conflicts were held . This place was kept alive form three twins reasons:

1. The canon of Leke Dukagjini that had influence in the whole area.

2. Then trust that parties would give to one and another, must be respected at any condition

3. The Catholic belief and religion that belonged to, the whole inhabitants of the area of Dukagjini has also influenced in the unity of the inhabitants because all of them were only catholic.

Kulla Nikoll KocekuThis tower was build from our ancestors to protect the village of Thethi and it is a relic for this area . So the tower of Zef Kol Koceku it is kept and protected with a great respect from his nephew Sokol Koceku because it is a symbol of his ancestors. This tower has not been used since a century ago for meetings, because this tradition has been left behind and the tower is kept like a relic. Also the friend of the Inhabitant of Thethis and the British journalist Edith Durham visited this

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